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Mountain Bike
Euphoria Club Hotel & Resort offers trail mountain bikes for adults and children!

The bikes are designed for low and medium difficulty routes, which are located around the hotel and in the village of Borovets. The routes are paved in some parts and graveled in others. They are perfect for short rides for the whole family.
Borovets Mountain Bike Park was established in 2010 in Borovets, and has more than 20 km of signposted trails with various difficulty levels. Built according to international standards, the Mountain Bike Park can host international games and is suitable for both beginners and advanced cyclists.

Furthermore, a path designed for families was recently constructed, which is appropriate for all ages (green line on the map). The path is 14 km long and requires minimum effort. It goes through the most beautiful places of the region. The time needed for this route is approximately two hours, making it ideal for family outings.
The specially designed lift, Sitnyakovo Express, will carry you and your cycling equipment to the chosen route. The path of descent is less than 12 minutes to the starting line, taking you on an unforgettable adventure.
Natural materials have been used to create the paths, so that they naturally blend into the environment. Green, blue and red routes are ideal for cross-country, free ride and mountain cycling.

Bicycle rental rates:
1h 2,50 € 5,00 BGN
2h  4,00 € 8,00 BGN
2h+ to 3h 5,50 € 11,00 BGN
3h+ to 6H 10,00 € 20,00 BGN
4h+ to 12h 15,00 € 30,00 BGN

*Prices are per bike, including VAT.
For the rental of 4 bikes or more there is an extra 20% discount.
For additional information please contact the Reception.
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Outdoor Gym

Euphoria Club Outdoor Gym is designed to offer a safe, relaxing, efficient, aerobic exercise of the musculature, without the supervision of an instructor as detailed instructions placed on every instrument, simplify and explain the exercise. The Outdoor Gym is available to all guests and consists of four (4) instruments placed in pairs. They are friendly to the environment and certified by TÜV SÜD according to the current highest European Standards for Safety and Quality.

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Borovets offers some of the most beautiful, incomparable mountain sceneries in Europe. Thousands of trail kilometres with markings provide access to the most remote and breath-taking alpine sceneries.
The area is served by a well-organized lift system. The cable cars are particularly impressive and reach 700m altitude, extending to 4.827 m in length. The lift can accommodate up to 1,200 people per hour and the journey up takes 23 minutes.
The best season for hiking excursions to the mountains in the summer is during the months of June, July, August and September, February and March are the most appropriate months for mountain climbing in the winter.

Numerous hiking routes have Borovets as a starting point.

The Chernata Skala (the Black Rock) route, east of Borovets, is one of the easiest ones. This hiking route is commonly known as the “The Black Rock”. It takes guests through the ancient pine-tree forests, through bright green meadows covered by flowers crossed by picturesque streams.

The seven lakes of Mount Rila
The area of “Seven Lakes of Rila” is the most beautiful one in Bulgaria.  The lakes are named as follows: Salzata (The Tear), Okoto (The Eye), Babreka (The Kidney), Bliznaka (The Twin), Botanicheskoto or Trilistnika (The Trefoil), Ribnoto (The Fish Lakes), and Dolnoto (The Lower Lake). The seven lakes of Mount Rila are accessible through all the trails of Borovets

The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila (1147 m) is regarded as the most prominent of all the Bulgarian orthodox monasteries. Found in a valley on the southern slope of Rila Mountain, it is famous for its fine architecture, frescoes and ancient history. It is the largest and most impressive monastery in Bulgaria, a monument of world heritage protected by UNESCO. The history of the monastery reflects the history of the whole Bulgarian nation and the Bulgarian people. To this day, the monastery remains one of the most important places of pilgrimage for all Bulgarians that frequently visit it to cleanse their soul.  The original buildings of the monastery date back to the 10th century.  During the pass of the centuries, the monastery has been constructed, destroyed and reconstructed numerous of times. The exterior of the monastery with towering walls of stone gives the impression of a fortress.  Going through the gates, however, this impression disappears and its place is taken by the harmonic beauty of the buildings' interior.  The church “The Birth of Virgin Mary” is open to guests, a church full of art, iconographies, frescoes and sculptures.
Other interesting parts of the monasteries include the monastery’s kitchen, the tower Hrelyo, the burial place of Borris III, the Chapel of Transfiguration and the monastery's museum.   The museum of the Rila Monastery offers a rich collection of exhibits most of extreme value both in the exhibition halls and the monastery's vaults.

Musala (2,925 m/9,596 ft.) is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the wider area of the Balkan Peninsula. This mountain peak is found within the Rila National Park.  All Bulgarian mountains can be seen from this mountain peak. The Rila National Park was founded in the 19th century as the hunting area of the Bulgarian kings. One of the best ways to reach the peak of Musala is by using the Gondola lift (cable cars) from Borovets for 2500m and then through the mountainous retreat and the near-by lake to the peak. Following this route, it is a three-hour hike to the peak.
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Other Activities
There are numerous activities for guests to enjoy in Borovets, regardless of the season.
Horse-riding. An adventure that will always stay with guests' memories. Borovets offers many routes of interest to riders of all levels.

The largest lake in Bulgaria is found just 15 km away from Borovets. The Lake Iskar (25 km in length and 8 km in width) is perfectly situated for water-sport lovers. Guests are welcome to spend their day sailing, surfing, kayaking, waterskiing and wakeboarding. A ski and wakeboarding school is available in the premises.  The best months to visit Lake Iskar are May and October.  The lake has many secluded banks for relaxation where fishing, swimming or a simple pick-nick by the water can be enjoyed.    Spread around the area there are numerous restaurants with lake views.

The Lakes and the rivers of Bulgaria offer optimal conditions for trout, carp and catfish fishing. Borovets covers every need of the fishing lovers. Choose among the rivers of Cherni, Iskar and Maritsa or spend a day in a boat in the middle of Lake Iskar and enjoy calmer waters. 
Fishing is prohibited during May as all fresh-water-fish are spawning. Salmon fishing is also prohibited between October to December.
Golf is a sport in progress in Bulgaria and there are only a few golf-courses in the country. This is soon to change as many different golf courses are being designed and constructed throughout the country, two of which are currently under construction in the wider area of Borovets.

The first Bulgarian golf gold “Air Sofia Club” is found in the suburbs of Ithiman, a small city just 30 minutes away from Borovets. The course has beautifully matured during the last years and hole 18 (route 71) is a challenge worth living. Further away “St. Sofia Golf course” is found in Ravno Pole. This golf course is found at the edge of Sofia, just an hour away from Borovets.
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